The Perfect Start…

The perfect start ...

Greek nectar…

One of my favourite places on earth is a lovely Greek island called Zakynthos. It is here where I fell in love with the national iced coffee of Greece, it’s islands and Cyprus, the Frappé.

Wherever you go in Greece, you’ll see young and old alike going about their daily business with a transparent coffee cup in hand. The difference from the rest of the world is that there is very little milk or water, it consists almost entirely of foam. Whether they’re on a bike, a skateboard, a vespa or in a car, they will almost always have a Frappé in hand.

You haven’t heard the best bit yet; the drink lasts HOURS! Well it’s supposed to. A Frappé can take an entire morning or afternoon to drink. It is a godly nectar to be savoured, to be sipped, to be cherished. 

It’s really easy to make, follow this link and learn how to make yours. I enjoyed mine in my garden while dreaming of my summers in Greece…

p.s. I like mine black, no sugar.


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