Pili Pili … my love of chillies

If there is one thing that I simply cannot live without; it would be chillies. Regardless of the dish I am feasting on, there has to be an accompanying hot sauce. If I don’t have anything fiery with me, I sulk, and I am not joking; I brood, I mope like a spoilt child!

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I have a vast and varied collection of chilli sauces, relishes, chutneys and pastes in my larder and the assortment continues to grow. I have tangy vinegar based sauces, pungent garlic chilli pastes, blazing bhut jolokia chutneys and more importantly; my very own home made chilli relish. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, as are many that are created by my wonderfully talented mother, but I am more than happy to prepare a jar for you to savour, to relish and cherish and to totally fall in love with.

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The ingredients are pickled for varying lengths of time after which they are gently steeped in oil. I experiment with an array of chillies and supporting aromatics. My relishes contain only natural ingredients and are free from any and all preservatives.

Some people make jams and jellies to give out as gifts, I make chilli relishes. And you know what’s great about that, apart from sharing my love through my homemade creations, whoever’s home I am invited to there will always be a jar of my own chilli relish to enjoy with the food!

Simba Spice, coming to a dinner table near you …

2 thoughts on “Pili Pili … my love of chillies

  1. Thanks so much Cheeks and I’m so glad you can enjoy chillies again!

    I’m totally in love with that sauce. I’ve made it with a wide variety of aromatics and my favourite would have to be the ‘Haba Haba’ made with Habaneros, Garlic & Ginger.

    I have another one macerating with Thai bird’s eye chillies, raw mango and fresh coriander. I think I’ll reserve that one for the softies in Uswissi :).

    Thanks again for your comments, I really appreciate it.


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