An Apple A Day …

The way I like it  😆 😀 !

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One of my favourite tipples on a hot sweltering day would have to be cider. If I’m fortunate enough to be chilling outdoors on a terrace baking in the hot sun, there are few things more thirst-quenching than a cider.

Unfortunately imported ciders aren’t popular in Switzerland. The Swiss German version is something called Suure Moscht. It’s sufferable when nothing else is available, but it’s exceedingly carbonated and lacks depth. The brand I come across often is Möhl. Thus, whenever I’m at an international bar or at a pub in der Schweiz, it’s either Bulmers, Magners or Strongbow. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am thankful to be able to get at least one of these, but I’d be far happier with a greater selection of craft ciders.

Since several of the commercial ciders are a touch sweet, i.e. not dry, there’s only so many one can drink before they become cloying, sickly sweet. Still, in Summer a couple of ciders always go down a treat before I revert to my beloved beers.

Whenever I’m in the UK I make sure to try out a wide variety of ciders at all the pubs I frequent. Some I like, some I don’t. Just as with certain champagnes, I find some ciders too yeasty and not too my liking. It comes as no surprise since I’ve heard that the most common yeast used in cider production is champagne yeast.  I’m not a cider connoisseur, just a drinker, so I won’t even attempt to give detailed reviews.

The final argument when it comes to cider is: with or without ice? In my point of view, people ought to drink whatever and however they enjoy drinking. If it’s on tap, be aware that you’ll get less nectar as ice will have occupied volume. If bottled, go ahead, but drink it quick since ice will dilute the aroma as it melts. Not rocket science is it?! Ignore the hoity-toity snobs, the defining factor is whether you like it or not.

Always Look On The Bright Cider Life !!!

4 thoughts on “An Apple A Day …

  1. HaHa, unfortunately I can’t lay claim to it but it always stuck in my mind. Especially being a Monty Python fan!

    Coming from such a wonderful writer and inspirational author, I thank you for your praise. It means everything to me.

    We have many many more ciders to have together xoxox


  2. I’m not a regular cider drinker, but just occasionally a really cold glass is great in our Spanish summer. But . . I must agree with you – “several of the commercial ciders are a touch sweet.”
    The purists will probably throw their hands up – my solution is to squeeze a fresh lime into the cider. Gives it that sharp edge & a nice bite.

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    • Thanks for your comment! Great tip, thanks. I’ll definitely give the lime a go next time around.

      How about Sidra? I’ve never had any on my trips to Spain and I’m interested to know how it tastes? I know it’s an important cultural nectar in Northern Spain but I’ve never had the pleasure…


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