Pomegranate Colored Lips…

One of my favourite genres of food is Persian. If you’ve never tried this heavenly scented and delicately spiced fare, you are missing out on a bouquet of flavours that you will experience in no other type of cuisine. It is the Persians who elevated their cooking with Saffron and Rose Water. While other cuisines employ ingredients akin to the Persians, no one does it more gracefully.

Food is so engrained and such an integral part of Persian culture that it was often used as a metaphor in it’s poetry and literature. The following quote describing the alluring beauty of Persian women never fails to make me smile…

Moon-faced beauties have almond-shaped eyes, peachy complexions, pistachio-like mouths, pomegranate colored lips, hazelnut-like noses, red apple cheeks, and lemon-like breasts.

One of the leading advocates of Persian cooking is Najmieh Batmanglij. I am fortunate enough to own her ‘Food of Life‘ cookbook and I assure you, it’s a fascinating masterpiece composed of recipes; modern and ancient, poetry and folktales.

N.B. I do not benefit by sharing Najmieh’s links, I simply love her writing and recipes.